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How To Make a Google My Business Account in Under 5 Minutes

Google my business is great for connecting with customers when living in the digital age and could be the deciding vote between a business who does use google my business and your business.

However, done panic! It isn’t as complicated as it might sound. This quick run-through talks about how you can set up a Google My Business in under 5 minutes!

What does Google My Business do for my business?

  • Attracts new customers with free Google listing that makes your business visible on Google search and maps.
  • Bring in customers by sharing helpful information such as opening hours.
  • Keep them coming back with regularly posted updates on Google.
  • Engage online, and build customer loyalty by giving them the option to review your business.

First Thing First

Start by visiting: and click the large green button in the top right-hand corner labelled “start now”.

This will take you to a page that will ask you for your business’ name. Once filled in you can press next which will then ask for details on where your business operates. After being filled in you can move on to find the best-suited category that describes your business, this helps connect customers with your business. The form then asks to provide contact information which asks you for a website URL (if your business has one) and phone number.

Once completed Google will ask if you want to receive emails regarding a recommendation to make the most of Google My Business so choose the desired option and move on. Then just hit the finish and you’re done! Congratulations you now officially have a Google My Business account and in under 5 minutes?

Now that’s a win-win situation.