A Useful Guide on How to Create a New YouTube Channel for a Business

Did you know that 60% of people prefer watching online videos as opposed to traditional television? From a marketing perspective, it makes much more sense to invest time in a YouTube channel than a TV commercial.

YouTube videos also create dedicated viewers as subscribers, are self-promoting with sharing options, and can be ranked even easier than blog posts.

If you create a new YouTube channel for your business, you are always picking up new customers, providing relevant information, and driving your sales through an additional platform.

Here is how to get a YouTube channel for your business started.

Set Up Your Account

To create a private YouTube channel for your business, you will first need a Google account. If you already have an email account, you can use this even if it is a personal one.

Log in to YouTube using your Google username and password. Go to the channels page and click on create a new channel.

Choose a name for your branded account, which will most likely be the name of your company.

You can click on the profile icon to upload your company’s logo or artwork. If you find the YouTube channel icon not changing, just wait a few minutes and reload the page.

Go to the about section of your channel to add your company’s website, email address, description, and location.

Once you have your channel set up, you can create an introduction video to show your viewers what your business and channel are all about. Share this video with your email list and put it on your website!

Determine Your Audience

Before you start making YouTube videos, you will want to determine who will be watching them.

Just like with any marketing campaign, the demographic will drive your content. Think about your audience’s interests and what will attract them to your video and eventually your business.

A customised YouTube channel should consider your viewer’s expertise level, location, age, and occupation.

You want your content to cater to the demands of the viewer, so the content must provide them with a service of either information or entertainment that fits their lifestyle.

Invest in High-Quality Content and Visuals

No one will sit through a low-quality video for more than a few seconds if you even get them to click on it, but high-quality material is not hard to come by these days.

A simple white background keeps your viewers focused and makes the video look professional. Getting a decent camera and tripod is also easy to acquire.

If you do not have someone willing or qualified to instruct or narrate the video, then you can hire a freelancer to put one together.

The same goes for editing. You want the video to be free of mistakes, blurry images, and background noise.

Get Subscribers

When learning how to customise the YouTube channel, you should keep in mind your main goal is to gain subscribers.

This makes promotion easy with each video you make. Subscribers automatically get notified of your videos.

You can get subscriptions by adding a big subscribe button at the end of your video. You could also tell people to hit the subscribe button near the end of the narration to make sure people don’t leave before they see the button!

Using SEO to Rank Your Video

Your video can rank in Google using certain keywords like tutorial, review, and how to.

But, ranking on YouTube is even more beneficial as people search for videos. Make sure your video is relevant to a YouTube search by using your keyword in the title once, description twice, and tags if it makes sense.

Engagement also gets you ranked by the viewing length and quantity, ratings, subscribers, comments, shares, and favourites.

Having positive reviews not only gets you the trust of your viewers and customers it also helps you rank on YouTube. This increases your chances of being seen by more people.

Promoting Your Videos

When you create a YouTube channel, you have no subscribers and it is hard to get the views you need to rank. The best way to get noticed is to be a guest on another person’s channel within your industry.

Share your channel on their show and add a link in the description.

You can also share your YouTube channel with your current mailing list to get people interested!

On your website, create a blog post that shows the transcript of your video with the video embedded in the post.

YouTube also has ad space that you can purchase. You pay $10-$30 per thousand views, so investing a small amount doesn’t hurt to start.

Call to Action

The purpose of these videos is to get the viewer’s business, so you want to think about how to create a YouTube name and image that translates to your company.

This will lead to a call to action like checking out your website. Make sure to add your website link in the description. Put another link in the description that directs them to sign up for your newsletter.

You want to gather email addresses to send them more videos as you make them.

Create a New YouTube Channel for Cheap

To create a new YouTube channel you don’t have to spend much money or invest a lot of time.

If you have a marketing or public relations department, you can use internal resources. Plus, videos do not have to be complex to be good.

And if your videos have positive feedback then that will only boost your rating on YouTube and get you more customers.

Get started by letting us assist you with your online reviews today!