How Landing Pages can drive success to your businesses website!

A landing Page is a great way in being able to add a new way of driving both prospects and existing customers to a webpage that both benefits your business and the consumers! Lead Pages are used for a single mission in order to transfer web traffic into qualified leads and loyal customers. The idea is to prompt visitors to take a single ‘next step.’ 

Landing Pages are used to draw traffic in either from the web or paid social media ads to get cold traffic to click and subscribe in order for something in return such as a resource. The single decision can be anything from a simple subscription to a mailing list, registering for an upcoming event or downloadable resources for free (lead magnet). By having an active landing page that gives visitors a decision means that it can open up a conversation between your business and them. 

The main objective is to make sure that visitors are clicking the content on your landing page so it is vital that they are met with engaging and persuasive content that is relevant to the market you are trying to grow prospects in. 

Now you might be wondering what makes a landing page stand out from your weekly blog or resources area on your business’s website. Well, a landing page typically is a stand online page which doesn’t connect to your website but is a part of a pathway between the original advertisement on Google or Facebook and a thank you page for signing up/ downloading etc. 
It’s key to keep in mind what a lead pages objective is and that primarily is to achieve contact details from a visitor or close a sale on the product you are pushing sales with an ad hence why lead pages are not connected to the main website to keep distractions away from visitors so that you don’t lose that crucial sale or needed contact information. 

so why does your business need a landing page? A landing page is a key marketing tool which is a must if you want to make social media ads successful, ads just aren’t going to be pulling in as many visitors relevant to your business if you are directing them to your website, this can be overwhelming and will just lead to them leaving whilst till costing your business. 

Why waste unnecessary spending when you can create a simple landing page which will help to increase the ad success rate? So what is it that you should include on your landing page? 
It is always a good idea to share your USP (Unique Selling Point) within either the headline or supporting headline. If you are promoting a deal with your landing page then you should, of course, include details about the offer, the features and benefits of purchasing this offer, this can be in the format of bullet points or a descriptive summary but it is important to keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm the visitors so keep it brief. 

Visuals are a great way to engage with visitors, images are proven to be understood quicker than reading text and so it’s crucial to use media as a strength in order to maximise how well the landing pages succeed. Use supporting evidence of why they should use this resource or sign up to an email list, visitors want social proof from like-minded people so it is key to win them over with reviews, testimonies and awards so that it verifies that your company is as good as it sounds. 

Last but certainly not least and the most important on this list is the call to action, the button that is the main purpose of the page is to get that information or sale, make it big, make it bold so that it would be impossible for the visitor not to spot, use the button and build the content on the page around it and I would highly recommend the button being in sight from the minute the webpage loads up then at the tireless scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

As a recap make sure to keep the page relatively simple and clean-looking to prevent overwhelming a visitor. Have clear objectives of what you want the page to be. Think about the pathway, is the landing page for an ad on social media and have a thank you page after signing up/ downloading? 
Keep in mind, a landing page is used to get cold traffic to click a call to action, it really is that simple however please give us a call if you would like to think about how a landing page could benefit your website.