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Hitting 2019 Hard: 9 Awesome Planning Tips for Business Scaling in the New Year

Scaling your business is a great goal for 2019, but doing it right is the real key. Start with these tips to plan for successful business scaling this year.

Each year is an opportunity to add new heights and goals to your business. You definitely don’t want your company to be stuck at the same level it was a year ago. And with trends that change yearly- sometimes even daily- you have to set a strategy in place for your business to keep up.

With the new year setting in so quickly, there’s not much more time to waste in regard to planning how you can grow your business in 2019. Keep reading if you want some awesome tips on setting up a plan for business scaling for the upcoming year.

1. Focus On Data-Driven Strategy

In business there’s a common phrase that people use to describe the power of concrete evidence: “Numbers don’t lie”. You may be leaving money on the table if you’re not looking to level up in business scaling by focusing in on data-driven solutions.

Take this closing of the year time to review various campaigns, budgets, marketing efforts, etc. from throughout the year to make some adjustments. And since you have data to work with, you should be making decisions on the conclusive findings from your customers’ behaviour throughout the year versus throwing mud against the wall.

You could be saving your company a lot of money by using what you know for sure in future plans.

2. Review and Upgrade Systems

The majority of what makes a business work is the operational tasks that take place on the back end. Now is the time for restructuring any loose ends or holes in your systems that may have fallen through the cracks or caused issues in your business throughout the year.

It may be time to adopt new practices if things aren’t running as smoothly as possible. Consider moving current structures or people around to create more fluidity in the organisational aspect of the company. This may even include rebuilding a new team of people or adding more hands to help.

You can avoid extra headaches in your business by getting your systems running efficiently. This also creates more space and time to focus on growth in other areas.

3. Follow Trend Predictions 

Trends don’t typically last long, especially in today’s society, but they are very useful. And, sometimes, you can even predict when the next big thing will hit based on previous trends. This key factor can help your business scaling efforts if you stay ahead of the curve by applying this to your marketing plans.

Another way to scale your business with trends is to invent the trend yourself. A fresh new year is upon us and people are always looking for something innovative to pop up. Let your business lead the way by becoming a trendsetter in your industry. 

4. Hire a Mentor

Learning a skill or lesson on your own usually takes a lot of time invested. And, surely, you’ve invested a good amount of time in your business already if it’s able to see a new year. You can cut some of the time in half and get great advice and guidance on business scaling by hiring a business mentor or adviser.

It would be very beneficial to arrange your budget so that you are able to afford a high-quality professional who is able to skyrocket your sales and profits in 2019.

5. Increase/Decrease Services and Products

An important part of business scaling is knowing where money is made and where it is lost. You may happen to have services and/or products that are costing you a lot more time and money to make or deliver than you are profiting. In this case, it’s time to make a few changes to your monetizing methods.

This is the time to look over all of your products and services.

Ask yourself an important question, such as is the overhead cost too high and can it be lowered? Is there a way you can upsell any current products on services to leverage your time more? How well is the product/service performing and is it necessary to keep it?

Answering these questions honestly could definitely put your business in a good position to win in the new year.

6. Learn From the Past

There’s really nothing new under the sun. One of the best ways to be successful in business is to learn from past mistakes. This is a good opportunity to take a peek at what successful – and not-so-successful- competitors have done in the past to give you some insight into what to do in the future.

7. Be Honest with Yourself

A lot of the time you may be hindering your own growth by not being truthful about your faults and flaws. If you really want to be a success with your business scaling, then you will have to be completely honest with yourself.

Take a good look at where you may be falling short and commit to improving. The best thing to do is get out of your own way.

8. Go After More Funding

Mostly every business gets to a point where it needs more funds to operate than it is actually bringing in. It may be time to raise some revenue in various ways, such as crowdfunding platforms if your company is in need of some extra cash.

Don’t hesitate with planning how you can get the money raised for your business. This could put a cap on how much you are actually able to make in a certain time frame.

9. Improve Customer Experience

New year, new you. But with the same values of course. Really what this means is to provide fun new ways for your customer to experience your business. Experiment with strategies on how to engage with your customers more naturally and put unique spins on how you deliver your products and services. 

Take customer service to a new level!

Want More Information on Business Scaling Tips?

Business scaling consists of multiple components and can make you very profitable if executed appropriately. Take a look at all of the tips provided and see how you can start planning to scale your business in the upcoming year before this current year ends.

You may still have more questions on other or more in-depth methods that will help with scaling your business. If so, feel free to check out our highly effective system for putting your business reputation and profits on the right track.