Look Over Here!: Creative Ways to Display Reviews and Testimonials

If you’re a great company with satisfied customers, look no further.

When you’re a small business owner, you’re constantly trying to figure out ways to increase awareness and traffic on your website to drive sales in the right direction. Customer feedback is a great way to prove that you’re one of the top businesses in your field. So, why aren’t you displaying them then?

Don’t make the mistake that so many small companies do. If you’ve got a great product that your customers love, flaunt it. In this post, we’re going to show you some creative ways to display reviews and testimonials. Free advertising is never something that should be ignored so let’s get started.

How to Display Reviews Online

Displaying reviews and testimonials on websites and social media is common practice for successful businesses. Here are some creative ways to display your positive reviews online.

On the Product Page

One of the more obvious spots to display reviews for your product is on the product page of your website, or anywhere that the product is being sold. You can do this in several different ways.

An easy-to-fill-out rating system with the option for leaving comments is a good way for anyone to display comments. Another way you can go about this is by displaying the most positive-sounding reviews underneath the product as a testimonial. This can urge the potential customer towards purchasing your product.

On Listings Websites

Linking to your product reviews on popular listings websites is a great way to make a sale. There are highly trusted websites like Yelp and Google My Business that are go-to’s for certain people.

Pick your favourite reviews and promote them on your page or through your social media accounts. This will show your customers that you’re checking in on your reviews and that you care.

Pay Per Click Ads

PPC ads are one of the most popular digital marketing methods in 2019 and displaying reviews smack dab on the ad will increase your ROI. If you don’t know how PPC ads work, it’s quite simple.

Basically, you display an ad on another blog, a popular website, or a search engine for free. Instead of paying for the ad space, you pay for each click that you get on the ad, which leads to either your website or a product page.

To make PPC ads worth your while, you need to have the utmost confidence that you can sell your product once you get people to the page. So, putting the testimonial or advertisement on the ad will be a tool to get people to your page, where you will have to make the sale from there.

Email & Messenger Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for finding new customers, but also a great place to display your testimonials. Email marketing has largely been usurped by Messenger marketing, but it’s still a valuable resource and putting your reviews in the email will increase your chances of getting leads.

Messenger marketing is a more effective version of email marketing, simply because there are so many Facebook users. All you have to do to get leads on Messenger is create a decent call to action that a user can click on, and then they’re added to your lead list.

From there, you can send them product advertisements with testimonials and reviews in them. Any kind of extra push you can get through an email or Messenger advertisement is worthwhile.

In Search Results

How about displaying your reviews right in the search results? The first thing anyone is going to do when looking for your website or product is Google you.

Putting a concise, positive review underneath the hyperlink on a search engine, as with PPC ads, is a great way to convince people to head to your page to check out the product. Getting people to the page, as we know, is half the battle. From there you can make the final sale.

In the Shopping Cart

If you need one last nudge towards a sale, you can also display your reviews in the shopping cart of your website/online marketplace.

Many folks will put things in their cart, only to remove them later on when they’ve decided that they don’t need a product. Change that mindset with a well-placed customer review to convince them that they’re making the right decision.

Testimonials Page 

Is there a better place to display reviews than on a testimonials page on your website? Many businesses have taken to doing this nowadays because you can put up as many of your positive reviews as you want. 

It’s a great way to show your leads that you have a lot of satisfied customers already, so they’re not going to regret purchasing your product. Doing this opens up the possibility of linking directly to your testimonial landing page through social media and with blog posts.

How to Display Reviews Offline

There are still great ways to display reviews offline, as well. Most research is done over the internet, but it’s possible to drive sales with the use of old-school marketing methods.

Taking out an ad in the local paper is still an effective method for lead creation and putting a short review in an ad can help a lot. As with PPC ads online, your offline print ads will need to see high ROI to be worthwhile and a testimonial could help with that.

Similarly, things like billboards and TV/radio spots are great for displaying testimonials. You could even display a happy customer’s picture or use their real voice in the advertisement to show your potential customers that these are really happy and satisfied consumers.

Lastly, displaying reviews directly on the product in-store is a great way to drive home its value. Placing a sticker with a few of your best reviews on the product packaging can be a big factor in making a sale. 

Don’t Ignore Your Reviews

It’s important to display reviews whenever you can. Your new customers will always want to know what your old customers think of your product. Displaying reviews is an easy way to do that and will let those prospective customers know that you’re paying attention to what people think.

Pumping up good reviews is a great thing to do, but how you respond to bad reviews is just as important. This will let your customers know that you’re listening to them and that you care.

At any rate, business owners should always have their finger to the pulse of their audience. If you know what your customers think, then you can promote the good parts of your product and adjust the bad parts to put out the best product possible.

For information on how to collect and promote reviews, check out Rocket Reviews. While you’re there, check out our blog for more informative posts about running a successful small business.